Solutions for Employees

You are an Employee and are struggling – you don’t know where to turn.

WorkLife Solutions:

  • provides you (and your dependents) with CONFIDENTIAL, individual problem resolution sessions
  • is local, familiar and accessible
  • focuses on your strengths to address your challenges
  • offers specialized resources and makes referrals when appropriate

EAPs are employer- or group-supported programs designed to alleviate workplace issues due to mental health, substance abuse, personal and workplace issues. The goal of your program is to have a positive effect on productivity and organizational performance.

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Solutions for Employers

You are a leader and you value your employees, but you are not equipped to manage the personal challenges negatively affecting their performance.

WorkLife Solutions:

  • professionals qualified to address performance and productivity issues of your employees in their time of need
  • is your neutral business partner providing Employer Employee Assistance
  • industrial/organizational development specialists to provide you with workplace trends, and proactive recommendations
  • Human Resource experts offering training on a variety of workplace and leadership topics

The business case for why organizations purchase EAPs is well-supported by many research studies documenting the prevalence and consequences of mental health and addictions disorders that affect employees and their family members, the general success of mental health and EAP treatments in addressing these issues, and the simple fact that so many organizations already offer EAP services and more do so each year.

The typical level of financial return on investment (ROI) is$3.00 or more in return for each $1.00 invested in the EAP.

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Solutions for Managers or Supervisors

You are a manager or supervisor - Like all employees, there are times when work and life stand in the way of your ability to lead. This can result in to lower productivity, presenteeism and a general sense of being unfulfilled. You are the “go to” person at work. Where do YOU go?

WorkLife Solutions

  • provides coaching and support for the issues facing leaders everyday
  • a neutral support system to address these job specific challenges
  • a workable plan to find your place within all life spheres
  • on-going support via personal, telephonic sessions or email

A comprehensive EAP not only offers personal and immediate support to individual employees with mental health or workplace problems, but also provides consultation to management and leadership on a wide range of workplace issues impacting employee, organizational, and management health and performance. The range of EAP services includes consultation to management on behavioral aspects of the workplace; behavioral risk management; educational information on emotional, work-life, and workplace issues; assessment, support, short term counseling, referral, and follow-up for employee and/or family member issues; awareness training and critical incident interventions; and website and online information.

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Let us help you address the issues that impact your employees every day.

Whether it is absenteeism, presenteeism, or some other issue, your bottom line is always at stake.

Talk to us about Electronic or In-House training and Resource Development designed to keep your employees’ heads in the job while they are on the job.

Customizable programs developed with you in mind.