About WorkLife Solutions

As the only privately owned Employer Employee Assistance/Coaching in the Mahoning Valley, WorkLife Solutions (WLS)  is in the unique position to tailor programs to meet your specific needs in enhancing employee and workplace effectiveness. 

What Makes Us Different?

Neutral Business Partner   Consistent with Your Bottom Line
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  Big Picture Approach
Resiliency/Strengths Based Philosophy   Faster, Longer Lasting Results
Holistic/Integrated System   Lower Insurance Costs & Improved Absenteeism/Presenteeism


WorkLife Solutions utilizes counselors, certified coaches, certified employee assistance professionals (CEAP), and alcohol and drug professionals.

Some areas of expertise include Grief, Marital, Chronic Illness, Goal Achievement, Conflict Resolution, Work/Life Balance and Satisfaction, Workplace Violence Issues, Effective Communication, Depression and Anxiety, Morale and Burnout, Downsizing, Drug Free Workplace, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD).

Let us help you address the issues that impact your employees every day.

Whether it is absenteeism, presenteeism, or some other issue, your bottom line is always at stake.

Talk to us about Electronic or In-House training and Resource Development designed to keep your employees’ heads in the job while they are on the job.

Customizable programs developed with you in mind.